Computer Basic Training

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If you have less than 50 hours experience on a computer, or do not even own a computer, this course is for you.

This is an informal training on a computer in a classroom environment at the pace of the students.

We also provide classes for pensioners to be more computer literate and stretch the brain muscle.

Do you want to upgrade your computer or buy a new one, we have the product for you (at a discounted student price).

It is very important to pre-register for a module to reserve your seat in the class.

Each class only have 8 (eight) computers available.

Classes are age-divided. A grandmother learning Skype, will not sit next to a 21-year old boy. Our aim is to group people (age) together for better outcome results.

Classes are restricted to 8 students with a computer dedicated to every student
and 2 (two) hours per day and 1 (one) module per week. It
is proven that the results is much more successful for you as the student.

Come and meet other people your age sharing the willingness to learn and catch up with technology.

This classes are facilitator-led.

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