Interactive Training

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You must have computer experience for this course. Plus, have access to a device (laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, smartphone) with Internet
or buy a device (laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, smartphone) with Internet access in the near future.

This is an informal training on a computer in a classroom environment.

You can stay connected with your loved ones all over the world in any country. We recommend this class for pensioners.

Why must I do this Interactive Training?

Avoid the long time consuming queues at the bank and learn how to do Internet Banking in the comfort of your own home and in your
own time.

Learn Facebook and create your own profile.

Watch a comedy in sixty seconds on YouTube.

Stay in touch with News 24 and the Weather on a hourly basis.

Receive your monthly bills (clothing statements, bank statements, medical statements and even your municipality account) on your personal email address. It is very important to have a reliable e-mail address as you will use this for your identification on the Internet. Learn how to manage your email address successfully and safely. It is like your passport for the Internet.

Online bookings and shopping is closer than you think. Book your flights and accommodation on the Internet. Did you know you can order
your groceries on the Internet, how, that is why you must do this course.

It is very important to pre-register for a module to reserve your seat in the class.

Classes are age-divided. A grandmother learning Skype, will not sit next to a 21-year old boy. Our aim is to group people (age) together for better outcome results.

Each class only have 8 (eight) computers available.

Classes are restricted to 8 students with a computer dedicated to every student and 2 hours per day and 1 (one) module per week. It is
proven that the results is more successful for you as the student.

Come and meet other people your age sharing the willingness to learn and catch up with technology.
This classes are facilitator-led.

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