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Hardware is components that you can see and touch. E.g. computer, keyboard, mouse, screen, printer, laptop.
Software are programs that must be installed on your local hard drive. This is what you see on your computer screen when the computer is
turned on. You can click or type or make pictures with the programs. Each program works in its own special way and developed uniquely from

Email is electronic mail that get send to a special and unique email address. You can attach pictures, letters, small video's, statements almost
any file to it and click send.

Data traffic is files send up and down via the internet. You will need a data connection mobile or fixed line to take part in this communication.
Also known as ADSL and mobile connections. This is available in different packages at different speed, dependent on your needs or budget.

Website is just another way of marketing. If you want the world to see your product and buy your product or make use of your services you
need a nice website with viewers. Or you just want people to read what is happening with a specific event or project you can publish this on the
website. This allow other viewers across the world to view and read you published information. Whether it be pictures, a typed story or jokes,
even a video or any information that you wish to publish.

Labour time spend on your device whether it be repairing, upgrading or just installing. We also provide guidance and support under this. Do you
need a professional answer on a specific problem or event we do offer consulting services at a fees.

We help with consulting work on special ICT projects at a consulting fee. Whether it needs to start in progress or completed we will verify and
report back to you. This will give you the ultimate satisfaction with the contractor. We can run the project on your behalf appoint and fire
contracts for poor or no service delivered. Don't wonder or have sleepless night we have the solution for you.

Do you want to upgrade your computer or buy a new one, we have the product for you (at a discounted student price).

We at Mangaung Information Communication Technology are doing / selling:

Labour / services
Exchange, E-mails, ADSL
Retail new products: Hardware , Printer, Laptops
Cartridges Toners

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